Guidelines for the treatment of rhinosinusititis, pharyngotonsillitis and acute media otitis in children.

The guidelines are produced by Strama in collaboration with the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

Examples of Swedish clinical guidelines

Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of common primary care infections have been distributed by most of the regional Strama-groups. One typical example of such guideline written by the South West Skåne Strama group in the southern part of Sweden is presented here. The purpose of these guidelines is to promote appropriate use of antibiotics e.g. minimizing prescribing of antibiotics for inadequate indications.

Acute otitis media

Acute inflammation of the middle ear is generally defined as acute, short-term, clinically confirmed inflammation in the middle ear. Acute otitis media (AOM) is the most common infectious disease among children. In Sweden, the recommended treatment for purulent, acute otitis media has included antibiotic treatment for all acute ear infections. This practice has been questioned in recent years, in part because resistance to antibiotics has increased among the targeted bacteria. Therefore a national conference was held in May 2000 to reach a consensus on the treatment of acute otitis media in children. It is still recommended that children below the age of 2 years with AOM is treated primarily with antibiotics. For older children without any risk factors, an option is given to withhold antibiotic treatment and perform a new clinical evaluation if symtoms have not spontaneously resolved within 2-3 days.