Welcome to Strama

Welcome to Strama.se - the home page of the Swedish Strama!

Strama - the Swedish strategic programme against antibiotic resistance - was formed already in 1995, and has since been a driving force in the Swedish work against antibiotic resistance. For some more detail on its history, structure and achievements, and its present developments, see About Strama.

Strama.se for a long period served as the "one-stop-shop" for antibiotic resistance (ABR) issues, including collected data on ABR and antibiotic use (AB use) in Sweden, as well as national treatment recommendations and information and campaign material. Since 2010, these functions have been transferred to others, but material is often not easy to find for non-Swedish speakers. For you who have an interest in Swedish ABR work, and look to Strama.se from abroad, we here gather some important sources, mainly through links to various relevant actors. Some are available only in Swedish, but data figures are often understandable in themselves. Below you will find a Collection of basic links.

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